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Here at SkatePro we have a wide range of skateboards because it is important that you are able to find the right skateboard for your needs and abilities. SkatePro offers complete skateboards as well as spare parts. Before buying a skateboard, it is important that you find out what your needs are. A longboard is great for cruising and carving, while a classic skateboard is designed for tricks and ramps.

Skateboard decks and wheels

Many skateboards have maple decks. Maple is great for skateboard decks, because it is a very strong material, and Canadian maple is the strongest type of wood used for skateboard decks. The length of the deck is typically around 28-33 inches and the width around 7-10.5 inches.

The wheels are available in different sizes and hardness. If you are into stunts on ramps, large wheels are suited for this purpose, but if you are more into street skating, you should choose slightly smaller wheels, as they will bring you closer to the ground and provide more stability.
Each manufacturer has a specific style when it comes to the graphics used on the boards, and these different styles make it easier for the customer to separate one brand from the other.

The history of skateboards

The history of skateboarding as we know it today began in the 1940’s when people first started to mount wheels on plates, planks and other things used as decks. In the 1960’s the first shops started to sell skateboards and in the 1970’s polyurethane wheels were invented. In the 1980’s the skateboarding industry was flourishing, and a great number of skateboard companies run by skateboarders emerged. Throughout this decade, several movies about the skateboarding culture was released and some of them even became cult classics.

Skateboarding is from the West Coast of the United States, where surfers missed to do something on the mainland, and therefore got the idea to put wheels on their surfboards. Because the West Coast always has been, and still is, the center of the skateboard industry, the skateboard culture is often associated with the laid-back West Coast lifestyle. Throughout the years, one kind of skateboard has developed into several kinds of skateboards, available in an endless number of forms.

Which skateboard should I choose?

If you are unsure about which skateboard to choose, read our skateboard buying guide. Here we review the most common things you should be aware of when buying a skateboard, decks, trucks, bearings and wheels.