Scooter Elbow Pads


Scooter Elbow pads for the Best Elbow protection

Keep your elbows safe and protected by using a pair of scooter elbow pads. Whether we fall forwards or backward from our scooters, it’s common to fall onto our elbows which can result in nasty bruises or friction burns. Elbow pads contain soft foam which helps to absorb impacts in the case of any falls. In this category, you’ll see a variety of elbow protection that can be used for both street and park riding.

Many pads are anatomically shaped so they provide a comfortable fit that will not get in the way of your riding. Furthermore, there is a range of different sizes to choose from, and many of the one-size pads come with Velcro straps so you can adjust them to your size.

However, one thing that you need to decide on is the type of padding to go for. This can be divided between soft and hard padding. Soft padding is lighter and can be worn under your clothing whereas hard pads have a hard, plastic cap that can absorb substantial impact and abrasion.

If you need protection for your knees as well as your elbows, then why not have a look at our 2 Pack of Scooter Pads.

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