Ice Skating Helmets

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Ice Skating Helmets Are Just as Important as any Other

Ice skating is great fun for all abilities and age groups. Although it’s generally a safe activity, ice is a hard surface, so wearing a helmet will save you a lot of trouble in case of any nasty falls. Ice and figure skating helmets are there to keep you safe when out on the rink.

Can Bike and Skateboard Helmets Be Used for Ice Skating?

Yes, that’s right! Other action sports helmets like bike and skateboard helmets will work for ice skating. They are built to withstand several impacts, so you can easily go ice-skating with one of those if you already have one. Just remember to check your helmet for any damages or cracks, and if there are any, the helmet should be replaced.

Stay Safe at the Rink

Apart from a nicely fitting helmet, make sure to check the specific rules and safety instructions at the rink where you are ice skating and to respect and be careful with other skaters. The best way to enjoy an ice skating day is to get home without any injuries.

For younger skaters, check out our Kids Ice Skating Helmets. Otherwise, some other protection that you will want to consider before skating include Ice Skating Knee pads, Elbow pads and Impact Shorts.

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