Skateboard Cruiser Trucks

Axle Width
Hanger width
Truck type

What's so special about cruiser trucks?

When it comes to cruiser skateboard trucks there are no set rules on the type of truck you have to pick. You can either use standard kingpin trucks, typically found on modern skateboards or reverse kingpin trucks, normally used for longboards.

Skateboard cruiser trucks with a reverse kingpin are recommended for cruising since they will give you more stability. On the other hand, standard kingpin trucks are better if you are keen on doing tricks with your cruiser board.

Picking up the right size for skateboard cruiser trucks

The rule of thumb in cruiser trucks is to go as wide as your deck. Normally, in longboarding, you can size up to get more stability. However, with cruiser skateboards, the deck is shorter, so you risk getting a shoe bite while pushing, when your shoe gets stuck on the rear wheel.

The typical width is 150 mm but keep in mind though, if you are getting a very small cruiser board you should also get specific mini cruiser trucks.

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