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Cruiser Trucks to Suit Your Style

When it comes to cruiser skateboard trucks there are no set rules on the type of truck you have to pick. You can either use standard kingpin trucks, typically found on modern skateboards or reverse kingpin trucks, normally used for longboards. However, most smaller cruisers have topmount trucks, meaning that they are bolted underneath the deck.

With cruisers, trucks are often a bit looser compared to skateboards or longboards, enabling you to get fast turning.

What Size Trucks Should I Get for a Cruiser?

The rule of thumb with cruiser trucks is to get a pair as wide as your deck. In general, this means that the size that will fit best with most cruisers is 150mm, however, it is possible to go for sizes bigger and smaller than this. If you want more information on what would be the right size for your board, then have a look at our Skateboard Truck Size chart.

The size you go for is ultimately up to you but it’s important to have plenty of wheel clearance. Having trucks too big will increase the likelihood of wheelbite and a less enjoyable cruising experience.

However, if you’re finding that you’re still getting wheel bite, then consider getting some Cruiser Skateboard Risers.

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