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Beginner skateboards and complete skateboards for advanced riders

Complete skateboards are great if you are just starting and looking for your first beginner skateboard or if you just don’t feel comfortable assembling your own board. A complete adult skateboard might also be the right choice for more experienced riders since we have complete setups that fit both beginners, intermediate and expert riders.

A skateboard complete comes pre-assembled - it almost rides right out of the package and on to the streets, ready for you to practise all your new tricks. You simply don’t have to think about buying separate parts like trucks, wheels, decks or the likes. Once you have gained more experience on the board and you feel like customising it to fit your skateboarding style, you can begin to learn more about the different pieces in order to assemble a skateboard that meets your specific wishes and demands. Until then, a complete can be quite the right choice.

Customise your complete skateboard

When buying a complete skateboard you are not bound to that specific setup. Most skateboard parts fit together, and the parts are almost as standard as they come. Replacing the parts are also very easy, and you can find guides here at SkatePro for how to replace every part of a skateboard.

If you choose to buy a complete skateboard, you can be sure, that all the parts fit perfectly together and that someone, somewhere has put a lot of consideration and effort into choosing what parts to put together.

When buying a complete setup you will usually also get a big discount compared to buying all the parts separately.

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