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What Are Scooter Forks?

Stunt scooter forks are the vertical tube that connects your bar, deck and front wheel to each other. Forks for scooters are made of either aluminium or steel. Steel forks are heavier but more durable, whereas aluminium forks are lighter and often preferred by more advanced riders. It used to be the case that you could choose between a one-piece or two-piece model. However, nowadays, only one-piece models are produced, as they are by far the most durable option.

Threaded or Threadless Scooter Forks?

Pro scooter forks have two styles: threadless and threaded. When it comes to stunt scooters, you’ll find that nearly all forks are threadless. This is because they are using a more advanced compression system that creates a stronger and more durable connection between the bar and the fork. With a threadless fork, you need to make sure that you also have a threadless headset and a compatible compression system.

Threaded forks are usually found on beginner, entry-level scooters. The difference here is that the fork has a thread on the outside of the tube. Threaded forks need a threaded headset to function, which is considered not as durable as a threadless one. To read more about the differences between threaded and threadless forks, read our guide on Buying a Scooter Fork.

Scooter Fork Compatibility

A must when buying a new scooter fork is to ensure that it is compatible with the rest of your setup. When it comes to compatibility with the fork, you need to make sure that it fits with the headset, wheels and the compression system.

As many readers will already know, the main different compression systems for scooters are SCS, ICS, HIC and IHC. SCS scooter forks are heavy but strong and durable. ICS forks are the lightest available, ideal for riders who want to have a lightweight setup. HIC scooter forks are also common and are considered to be the simplest compression system. IHC is built into the fork as it is with HIC, but is a tiny bit lighter and only compatible with standard-sized bars.

To browse our selection of compression systems, have a look at our Stunt scooter Compression category.

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