Skateboard Wrist guards


Are Wrist guards Necessary for Skateboarding?

Injuries to the wrist are a common problem for skateboarders of all abilities. After all, it’s only natural when falling over to want to stop yourself with your hands. Wrist guards, also known as wrist pads or wrist protectors, are effective in absorbing any impacts when falling. They also reduce the risk of bumps, scrapes and grazes as well as more serious fractures.

There’s a wide range of wrist pads for skateboarding on the market. Some pads just cover the wrist while others extend to the palm of the hands and the fingers. Many are designed with splints on the front and back of the pad, providing you with extra wrist support.

Wearing wrist guards is advisable not just for skateboarding. If you are a longboarder, guards can be useful for when riding on difficult terrain or speedy downhill riding. Another important piece of gear to consider here are Longboard Gloves.

How to Wear Skateboard Wrist guards

How you put on your wrist guards depends on the individual product. For instance, if your guards have splints, these should be parallel with your wrist to provide optimal protection. Traditional guards can be fastened with three straps while full-finger protection can be slid on like a glove.

Skate wrist protectors should be worn so that they fit tightly but feel comfortable. You want to focus on your skating, so if they are restricting your movement then you should try to loosen them. The great thing about guards with Velcro straps is that you are free to adjust them as you like.

If you want to get a full set of pads and guards for skateboarding, see our selection of 3-pack Skateboard Pads.

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