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Scooter Hoodies for the Skate Park and Commute

Riding a scooter can be done in a lot of different ways, but wearing a good scooter hoodie or sweatshirt is one thing that remains steady. On the practical side, they provide great comfort and warmth, especially during the colder days when no amount of scooter tricks can get you warmed up. The other side to it is being able to express your style by wearing your favorite brands’ scooter sweatshirt and choosing a look or color that suits your taste.

The Different Types of Scooter Sweatshirts

Many scooter riders have their personal preference with which type of clothing they like to wear. Stunt Scooter hoodies are most popular and can either be the pullover hoodie or the zip-up hoodie. With the zip-up scooter hoodies, you get the option to wear it opened or closed, and it is easy to put it on and off. The scooter sweatshirts are similar in warmth, but are simpler to wear under a jacket as there is no hood in the way.

There is much more scooter clothing to choose from here, so if you are wanting to freshen up your scooter wardrobe even more, then check our Stunt Scooter T-Shirts & Scooter Jackets.

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