Hockey Protection Equipment


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Hockey helmets, hockey armour & hockey jock straps

Hockey can be a dangerous sport if you are not wearing the right protection. That’s why we always encourage our customers to wear a complete set of protective gear from day one.

In this section, you'll find a wide range of protective equipment for hockey. We have protective hockey equipment for both in and outdoor roller hockey but also for ice hockey - and in both junior and senior sizes.

If you are looking for a hockey armour to protect your torso in close contact situations, we have a few high-quality ones in stock. This is a true must-have and if you are playing in a club, the club probably demands you to wear an armour for both practise and on match days.

Protect your most valuable parts

We also have a lot of different hockey helmets, that will help you protect the most valuable part of your body. While we are talking about valuable parts, you might also want to take a look at our different hockey jock straps and step protectors to ensure that your hockey legacy can be continued for generations.

Speaking of new generations, we also have a complete set of protection that holds everything a child will need when the interest is hockey. The set includes elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin guards, gloves, trousers and a practical bag to hold it. The set comes in two different sizes and fits children from the age of five to ten.

If you are a goalie, we also have a complete goalie from the brand CCM, that is perfect for both street and indoor hockey.

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