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What Is a Skateboard Backpack?

Skateboard backpacks are designed to conveniently store all your skateboarding gear. Skaters have a wide range of backpacks and bags to choose from - many of the big skating brands produce their own range that is specially made for skateboard equipment. These bags are also made to be more comfortable to wear while riding. On the inside, they often have many different compartments and zipper pockets, so that you can conveniently organise all your stuff.

Along with regular size skate backpacks, you can also find smaller waistpacks, drawstring bags as well as larger duffel skateboard bags. Remember that skate backpacks are not just for the skatepark! Most of the backpacks are versatile and made from polyester, meaning you get a high-quality bag that can be used for regular everyday use.

How Do You Store Your Skateboard on a Backpack?

Many of the modern skateboard backpacks have built-in adjustable straps on the exterior of the bag, meaning that you can easily secure your board to the outside of your bag. If your bag has no straps like this, you can always use a couple of bungee straps or lanyards and then attach these to your bag to help fasten your board in. Of course, there is always the old-school way of placing your board between your shoulder straps with your grip tape facing the bag.

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