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What are Freeride Skis?

Freeride skis, also known as powder skis, are made to be skied in off-piste conditions and in fresh snow. This includes off-piste skiing within or near a ski resort or in the backcountry that is accessed by hiking or helicopter. The untouched backside of the mountain is covered with a deep and powdery layer of snow. This requires to use skis with a bigger surface area to be able to offer the required flotation for these snow conditions. A rocker profile in the tips and tails is also standard, which makes turning and flotation easier.

How to Choose Freeride Skis?

One thing you should consider when buying freeride skis is their waist width, as it makes them more or less apt for on-piste sessions. To make life easier for you, in every product page, among the product specifications, you can see percentages indicating where the skis will perform better.

If you like to mix it up regularly between on and off-piste, then a versatile freeride ski between 95 - 105 mm is recommended. These skis will still be able to carve on groomed slopes while providing good flotation on fresh snow. If you want skis that are specifically made for deep powder snow, then a waist width of 105 mm and above will keep you floating on the biggest powder days.

Another important factor to consider when choosing freeride skis is the length. While your height and ability will direct you towards a particular ski length, your weight and skiing style will also influence this.

For more information and a size chart, check out our Freeride / Backcountry Ski Size chart.

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