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Junior & Kids ski Goggles

Good to know

You want your kids ski goggles to be both stylish and protective

The gauge is rarely set on slow when kids tumble down the slopes. That is why it is important that the protection provided by the kids ski goggles meets the requirements - which all of our goggles do.

Nevertheless, there are variations between the different models. There is, for example, the models which come with a special anti-fog coating, while other models make it possible to wear prescription glasses underneath the ski goggles. These are called OTG - Over The Glasses.

We have kids ski goggles, that's designed in a cylindric design. We also have the more expensive spheric designed goggles, that have a few advantages compared to cylindric glasses. A pair of children goggles with spheric design reduces both glare and distortion from the surroundings, and these are truly high-tech goggles where we see huge improvements and fine-tuning from the different brands every year.

Why should my child wear ski goggles?

There are several good reasons why you want you kid to wear a set of junior ski goggles.

Even though some kids (and adult riders) may claim, that sunglasses provide the same protection from both sun, flying objects, twigs and branches this is not completely true. With a set of ski goggles, you can be almost 100 percent sure, that the protection stays in the right place no matter how crazy the ride may be.

Furthermore, most junior ski goggles increase the perception of contrast which helps the user to see bumps and slopes ahead.