Surfskate Bushings

Carve and Pump With Surfskate Bushings

Surfskate bushings impact how flexible your truck will feel. This is important when surfskating as you want to try to imitate that surf feeling with plenty of deep carving turns. With bushings, the three things you need to consider are the bushings style and the hardness (durometer) and your weight.

A lot of it is down to personal preference, but many riders in the surfskate community prefer softer bushings so that they can get responsive trucks that are perfect for carving. With the bushing setup, a cone and barrel shape should give you a good range of motion. When it comes to weight, the general rule is that the heavier you are the harder the bushing should be.

If you feel that your trucks could do with an upgrade, head over to our Surfskate Trucks category.

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