Ski Neck Warmers / Neck Gaiters


Keep the cold away with a neck warmer

When you’re out in the cold weather skiing, skating, biking, running or hiking a cold and strong headwind can be a merciless opponent and have a negative effect on your performance if you’re freezing.

In this category, you’ll find plenty of neck warmers, also known as neck gaiters, to provide your neck with protection against the cold weather.

Neck gaiters can be very useful when you’re going on vacation for skiing or snowboarding since they keep your neck warm while keeping out in the cold. They don’t take much space and neither do they weigh a lot, making neck warmers easy to pack in your bag and bring with you on a skiing trip. Whether you’re going snowboarding or skiing, it’s a must-have accessory for your outfit.

We carry a wide variety of neck gaiters made from fleece, polyester to merino wool. Some neck warmers can be used in several ways, like as a headband, scarf or for protecting your whole face during extremely cold weather.

Neck gaiters for everyday use

Wearing a neck warmer is not only reserved for people that are into sports. When winter is coming it can be a difficult task to stay warm and healthy without wearing some sort of neck warmer. Unless you stay indoors of course. Winters can be harsh, especially if the wind blows heavily. In these situations, your neck is often vulnerable due to the freezing wind and if you don’t protect it with a neck gaiter or neck warmer you might wake up with the flu the next day.

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