Ski Maintenance


What Kind of Maintenance Do Skis Need?

Carrying out regular ski maintenance is essential for the best skiing experience. There’s a whole host of things you can do to keep your skis in top shape ranging from drying your skis after use to stone grinding the base. Much of this maintenance can be done without the help of a professional and here you will find many of the tools needed to tune up your skis yourself.

One of the most important tools for taking care of your skis is the wax brush. Ski wax brushes perform several functions depending on the type of brush. Metal brushes are used at the start of the waxing process to clean the base. Next, the horsehair brush is used to clean wax out of the ski structure and finally, the nylon brush seals the ski base.

To apply the wax to the skis you’ll need a ski wax iron, and to make sure that you have the optimal amount on your skis, make sure you have a ski wax scraper. Other maintenance gear that you’ll find in this category include handy accessories like base cleaners and edger kits.

How Often Should You Service Your Skis?

How often you need to maintain your skis depends on how often you ski, so it’s no surprise that the more you ski then the more frequently you will have to perform maintenance. However, it’s always recommended to inspect your skis frequently for signs of dryness, dirt or damages.

If you’re more into cross country skiing, then head over to our Cross Country Ski Wax category. Here you’ll find the different waxes used for Nordic skiing, as well as the relevant maintenance tools.

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