Scooter Wheels

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The quality of stunt scooter wheels has to be much better than regular scooter wheels, as stunt scooter wheels are exposed to extreme stress every time you perform tricks or stunts.

The wheels are an important part of the trick scooter, so they have to be durable. Because of the level of stress the stunt scooter wheels are exposed to, metal core wheels have become very popular. The metal core wheels are more expensive than the plastic core wheels, but in return, you get a high degree of confidence and durability. Thus, in most cases the metal core wheels will be a good investment.

Most stunt scooter wheels have a durometer around 85a and a diameter between 100-110mm.


  • Remember to check which size is compatible with your scooter before purchasing new wheels.
  • All wheels are delivered without bearings, unless the product description states otherwise.