BMX Seats

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BMX Seats - Four Types of Seats for BMX Bikes

There are four types of BMX bike seats: Pivotal, Tripod, Combo and Rail.

Pivotal is a BMX seat that is mounted from the top. The top mounting makes it possible to adjust the angle of the seat.

The Tripod BMX seat is mounted in the bottom, making it fixed so you cannot change the angle of the seat. The advantage of this seat is that you do not have to adjust it again and again. You just mount it and then you are ready to go.

As the name implies, Combo is a BMX seat combined with a seat post. The two parts are mounted permanently together and can not be separated.

The Rail BMX seat comes with a seat post and is mounted on rails. Usually, it is the angle of a BMX seat that can be adjusted, but with this type of seat, it is possible to move the seat a bit back and forth. You can use the Rail seat for both Race and Freestyle bikes, though the seats are mainly used for Race bikes.