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What Are Freeskates?

Freeskates, also called freestyle skates and urban inline skates, are versatile inline skates typically used in urban environments. They are built with more rigid support and durability than regular fitness skates. As such, they feature a boot with a high cuff and hard shell combined with a short frame, providing skaters with optimal ankle support and maximum manoeuvrability to perform tight turns.

Freeskates are equipped with lightweight but strong aluminium frames and can be found in three-wheeled or four-wheeled setups. Freestyle inline skates can be chosen with either small or big wheels, depending on the type of environment you skate in and what you want to do with them.

Before getting a pair of freestyle skates, remember to check the sizing guides as every brand builds their boots differently.

Choosing the Right Freeskates

As mentioned, the right pair of skates you should choose depends on the environment you intend to skate in and your riding style. Freeskating riding styles can be divided into slalom skating and urban skating.

Slalom skating is a discipline generally performed on smooth surfaces with the aim to “cut” through cones and execute rapid turns and jumps. 80mm - 84mm in diameter is the typical size for slalom freeskate wheels as they provide quick acceleration and optimal mobility.

Urban skating is a riding style suitable for those who want to cruise the city and reach high speeds. For this particular discipline, bigger wheels sized between 90mm - 125mm are the best choice for skaters. Big wheels provide less manoeuvrability but roll smoothly over most surfaces making it possible to pass over little cobblestones and small grass patches.

Would you like to know more about freeskates? Then check out our Guide to Buy Freeskates.

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