Skate Beanies in various models

On this page you can find skate beanies in different colors and models, both with and without a tassel on the top. You can find beanies with loose fit as well as tight fit that you can wear under your helmet when you are out to skate, cruise or ride.

Add a skate beanie to your outfit

A skate beanie is a hat that many skaters have as a must-have item in their wardrobe. With a beanie you add a casual, but street look to your outfit. Beanies are also used by people who are not necessarily skaters, but just want to warm their ears and head with something comfortable and esthetic during the cold months.

Where does the name beanie derive from?

It is believed that the word beanie comes from Australia, where "bean" is a slang for the head. Another explanation is related to the typical tassel at the top of some of the beanie hats, that looks like a bean. Why exactly it is called a beanie, is not quite certain. But what is certain, is that this skate beanie completes a cool skater outfit :-).