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Stay on top of the water - get the right kiteboard

Finding the right kiteboard is an essential choice when it comes to the overall surfing experience. Kitesurfing boards come in different shapes and sizes, and on this site we will take you through the two popular shapes of the kiteboard that each serves their own purpose.

Bi-Directional KiteBoard

This design is heavily inspired by the design of a snowboard. With it's twin-tip design the bi-directional kiteboard is great for freestyle, jumping and having fun on the waves.

The board is very thin, and therefore has difficulties floating by themselves. The surfer's feet are strapped to the kitesurfing board, so you don't have to worry about getting separated from your board. This is the most popular board design for kitesurfing.

Directional Boards

The directional kitesurfing boards are inspired by the world of surfing. The kiteboard has a huge resemblance with a classic surfboard and opposed to the Bi-directional kiteboard, the feet are not attached to the board. This shape is a bit more difficult to control, but once you get the hang of it, it's great for surfing the waves.

If you are buying your first kitesurfing board we highly recommend that you attend a weekend course to getting the techniques right. The money you spend on the course will be well spent. You are more certain of getting a successful experience out on the ocean and your learning curve will be less steep.

Another tip on the ride to becoming a master on the ocean is to train with your kite on the beach. You will save alot of crashes (and time) if you learn to master the basic controls before you head for the waves.

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