Soul Plates and Soul Frames

Do you need a new soul plate or soul frame?

As an aggressive skater you know how big a part grinding and sliding are of the sport. It takes a lot of practise, but then you finally land that alley oop topacid the reward is right there. Practising and perfecting your grind technique will give your soul plate a serious beating.

The soul frame is another essential part to replace once in awhile if you want to expand the lifetime of your aggressive skates. Even though soul frames are very durable there will be a time when they have to be replaced.

On this page, you will find our selection of grind plates, soul plates and soul frames for your aggressive skates. On each product page, you can read more about the size and which skates the soul plates are suitable with. Generally, you should go for a frame or plate that is manufactured by the same brand as your skate.

The introduction of the soul plate was quite revolutionary to the aggressive inline skate community. The soul plate / soul frame makes modern skates very resistant and even though the soul plates might break after a big shock the skate can be revived with a new soul plate and will live on for many new adventures.

When replacing the soul plate we recommend that you also change the screws and bolts, to prevent the old ones from breaking. Most soul plates come with a new set of screws and bolt but this will be specified in the product description.

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