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Inline skate wheels of PU rubber

Most inline skate or rollerblade wheels are made of polyurethane (PU) which is a type of durable rubber that provides good road grip. With inline skate wheels made of rubber only small particles wear off when using the wheel. This makes the wheel durable opposed to plastic wheels that are also more sensitive to the surroundings and have a higher tendency to crack. At SkatePro we only sell inline wheels of PU rubber to be able to offer you high-quality wheels.

Size - rollerblade wheels for fitness, city skating, etc

All inline wheels have a width of 24 mm, so you can rest assured that the wheels will be compatible with your inline skates in width when you replace them with some new ones. As goes for the diameter of the wheel, it should fit the skating style you want to practise. You should also ensure that your frames allow the desired diameter. The following applies for inline skate wheels:

  • The bigger the wheel diameter, the easier it will become to maintain speed.
  • The smaller the wheel diameter, the more manoeuvrable the inline skates will be.

We recommend the following sizes:

  • City / regular skating: 80-84mm
  • Fitness skating: 90-100mm and possibly even 110mm.
  • Speed skating: 90-125mm
  • Rollerhockey: 72-80 mm

If you wish to learn more about rollerblade wheels and terms like durometer, road grip and rebound, you can read our guide Wheel terms explained.

It will appear from the specifications on the product pages whether the inline skate wheels are sold with or without bearings as well as the quantity.