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Aggressive skates Are Built for Stunts

Aggressive skates are a type of skates built for tricks and jumps. They come with very robust and durable boots that can withstand hard impacts and protect your feet at the same time.

The construction of aggressive roller blades makes them perfect for grinding different objects and performing technical stunts. Aggressive skates feature both quad and inline skate models. However, aggressive skates are generally the more popular option of the two.

What to Consider When Buying Aggressive Skates?

The first thing you should consider is your skill level. You can find aggressive skates suited for every skill level, from professionals to beginners. Beginner aggressive skates are constructed with harder shells to provide more support and protection, while some professional models can feature softer boot construction. Softer boots are more flexible, providing better control and manoeuvrability for some tricks.

Another important thing is the frame setup. Anti-rocker frames are the standard, and they make grinding easier compared to a flat setup. Freestyle frames, on the other hand, allow better creativity when grinding because they have a larger surface area in the centre.

Last but not least, you should consider the wheel size. In general, the smaller the wheels are, the easier it is to perform stunts. Larger wheels are better for parkour-like jumps in urban environments.

Remember to always protect yourself when you are doing various tricks and jumps. You can find all the necessary protection from our Skating Protective Gear selection.

Aggressive Skates Vs Fitness Skates

The main differences between aggressive skates and fitness inline skates are the wheel size, boots, and frames. Aggressive skates generally have much smaller wheels. The usual wheel diameter in aggressive skates is between 55 mm and 80 mm. Fitness skate wheels, on the other hand, are generally 80 - 100 mm in size. Small wheels might not provide that much speed, but they are easier to grind with and provide better stability.

The boot and frame construction of aggressive skates is also different from regular inline skates. The boots of aggressive skates usually feature a hard plastic shell, while fitness inline skates have more variety in the boot constructions. These hard shells make aggressive skates heavier.

There are also differences in the frame structures. Fitness skates have frames with flat wheel setups, where all wheels are equal in size. Aggressive skates usually have anti-rocker frames with two larger and two smaller wheels.

Not sure if aggressive skates are for you? Check our guide “Which Type of Skates Should I Choose?” to find the perfect pair of skates for your needs.

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