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What Are Roller skate Bearings?

Roller skate bearings are small cylinders placed inside the wheel hub of your quad skates. Roller skate wheel bearings are the component of your skating setup that makes wheels spin. Each roller skate wheel needs 2 bearings, allowing the wheels to rotate smoothly on the axles. This means that you will need a set of 16 bearings to make all 8 wheels of your roller skates roll fast and smooth.

What Are the Best Roller skate Bearings?

The best bearings for roller skates you can get mainly depend on your needs and riding style. A good indicator to determine the quality of quad skate bearings is the ABEC rating system. From ABEC 1 (lowest) to ABEC 9 (highest), this rating system indicates the precision in the production of the bearings during the manufacturing process. With a high-rated set of bearings, your wheels will spin super fast and smooth.

For most skate wheels, the bearings used are 608 bearings. The measurements of these bearings are 22 mm outer diameter, 7 mm width, 8 mm inside diameter. Beginner and recreational skaters can easily opt for an ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 set of bearings that will grant them smooth and pleasant rides. Top-rated bearings are usually the best choice for professionals and athletes looking for the highest of speeds and performance.

When to Replace Roller skate Bearings?

Quad skate bearings usually last between 12 and 18 months. Taking good care of your bearings can drastically increase their lifespan. Remember to clean them after every session and avoid dusty places when out skating. If your roller skate bearings start making noise and show signs of rust, it is time to replace them.

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