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What Is BMX?

BMX, standing for bicycle motocross, is a cycling discipline suitable for all age groups and abilities. The sport has evolved since its creation, and BMX bikes can now be seen all over the world. BMX is an action sport for everyone and is not limited to children and teenagers. Like many action sports, BMX has become more than just a sport and is now also a lifestyle and culture.

Who Invented BMX Bikes?

BMX developed as a more affordable and accessible form of motocross in the 1970s in California. The sport quickly gained popularity across the US before spreading around the world. There is no single inventor of the BMX bike, but pioneers such as Bob Haro and Scot Alexander Breithaupt helped it to develop into the sport it is today.

Customise Your Setup

One of the great things about BMX is the freedom you have to modify and upgrade your setup. Almost everything on your bike can be customised, and if you’re really feeling confident then you can build a whole new bike from scratch. Just make sure you have the right BMX tools before you get started.

At SkatePro we have split our BMX parts based on the role they have on your bike. For example, in our BMX Steering category we’ll have you need to ensure you can turn smoothly including bars, forks and stems. On our BMX Drivetrain page, you’ll find what you need to generate that all-important forward motion.

On our Guide page, we have made several videos that will help you with many of the different installations related to BMX. Of course, if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us or a local expert: better safer than sorry!

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