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A BMX seat post is the piece of equipment that attaches the BMX frame to the seat. They come in different lengths, colours and most importantly, connect to the seat in different ways. It's important that your seat post is compatible with the style of seat you have, so many riders get a new post when they buy a new seat.

Other reasons why riders decide to change their BMX bike seat post is to get more or less post length or to have a larger range of angle adjustment.

The Different Types of BMX Seat Posts

BMX Pivotal Seat Post

This is the most common type of seat post. The seat is easily attached to the post via a bolt that is tightened or loosened from the top of the seat. It is fixed into position by the metal teeth on both post and seat and offers many seat angles.

BMX Stealth Seat Post

This is the newer version of the pivotal design and is the same in every way aside from one difference. The stealth seat post is not attached from the top, but rather is attached from the bottom through a threaded hole. The big advantage of this type is there is no hole in the seat.

BMX Combo Seat Post

The combo seat post gets its name because the post and seat are fixed together. This means it’s not possible to adjust the seat angle. The combo style makes up for its lack of adjustment by being lightweight and strong.

BMX Tripod Seat Post

This seat post is attached to the seat at 3 points, hence the tripod name. It gives a nice clean look without the need to have a hole in the seat. The downside is there are only 2 adjustment options for the seat angle.

BMX Rail Seat Post

The railed seat post comes with 2 plates that attach around the rails under the seat. The post has teeth on the plates to allow the seat angle to be adjusted.

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