Speed Skate Frames

Wheel diameter

Good to know

Need a high-end speed skate frame?

In speed skating speed is vital - obviously. The speed skate frames are made of aluminium and are optimised for low weight and maximum stiffness to provide optimal power transfer from the feet to the surface.

The speed skate frames at SkatePro fit all speed skate boots either with a standard fitting of 6.5" or 7.7". If the frames are compatible with only 90 mm or up to 125 mm wheels, it will be stated in the product description. There you will also find the information if the specific mounting system of the speed skate frame is compatible with a certain boot.

At the moment 125 mm is the biggest wheel size for speed skates, and you will find a lot of speed frames in our selection, which are perfect for these wheels.

Get a skate frame to stand out from the crowd

If you are looking for a speed skate frame, that makes you stand out from the crowd, we also carry a few frames that will make you do this. Those frames are still high performing, but the creators have put some extra effort into the design.

A few years back we saw speed skate frames with everything from four to eight wheels on each skate, but research has concluded, that a lighter boot with less friction from the wheels provides higher speeds. You rarely see speed skaters with more than four wheels on each speed skate frame anymore. And that is also why the 3-wheel setups are becoming more and more popular - on the speed tracks but also on the city streets.