BMX Forks

Wheel offset
Wheel diameter

Customise your freestyle BMX for a unique look

We carry BMX forks in many different colours and styles. So, you will be able to customise your freestyle BMX and make it unique from the other riders.

Improve the balance with a freestyle BMX fork

The fork is one of the main parts on a freestyle BMX. The fork determines how easy it will be to find the balance point when doing nose wheelies, stands and other BMX tricks on the front wheel. If the balance point comes too fast and you keep flipping over, we suggest a fork with a longer wheel offset.

Strengthen your riding style with a new BMX fork

When you ride a freestyle BMX and do a lot of flatland tricks, the fork is highly exposed to impacts. Most fork snaps happen when you are training and learning new BMX tricks. Jumping down stairs or from a box to flat ground are popular BMX tricks, but it can make your BMX fork snap. Price and quality often go hand in hand. Consider the quality, if you do many BMX tricks where you are landing on flat ground.

It is important to have solid equipment for freestyle. Forks for freestyle BMX bikes are typically made from steel or chrome steel 4130. Both of these kinds of steel are chosen to extend the lifetime of your BMX fork.