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BMX Forks

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What Is a BMX Fork?

BMX forks hold your front wheel in place and affect the steering and balance of your bike. Connecting the stem and the front wheel, forks are an important part of your setup. Although BMX forks are made from a range of different materials, forks for freestyle BMX are made from durable Chromoly so they can withstand the abuse of freestyle riding. When looking for a BMX fork, it is important to consider the steerer tube length, the dropout size and the offset.

The Different Fork Sizes

BMX forks come in a range of styles and shapes but there are some common features. Most BMX bike forks are 315mm in height and have a steerer tube length of approximately 160-166mm. However, these can vary and impact how you can ride your BMX. BMX dropouts, the plates at the end of the fork that holds the front wheel in place, come in a range of shapes and sizes.

What Is the BMX Fork Offset?

The BMX fork offset is the distance from the center of the fork leg and the axle, in other words, how much the front wheel will sit in front of your fork. Deciding on how long you want your offset depends on what you want to do with your BMX. Shorter offsets will mean a quicker and more responsive front-end feel making it easier to do tricks like nose manuals and hang fives. A longer offset will give you more stability and is better for riders who want to go faster and higher.

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