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Water Skis: What Are They Made Of?

Water skis are the most important piece of equipment for practising water skiing. Originally made of wood, they are now constructed with lightweight composite materials like fibreglass and carbon fibre.

Fibreglass provides more forgiving rides because it is highly flexible. On the other hand, carbon fibre is more responsive and lightweight but is not ideal for beginners. Advanced water skis use PVC in their cores to make them lighter and stiffer. They are really responsive and recommended only for expert water skiers.

Choosing the Right Water Skis for Beginners

As a general rule, beginners tend to use longer skis and move to shorter ones after a few sessions on the water. The right length depends on the weight of the skier and the pulling speed of the boat.

The width of the water skis determines the surface area you will have under your feet. Wider skis are easy to control and are best-suited for beginners skiing at lower boat speeds. Narrow-shaped skis make you perform aggressive turns with tighter radius and are recommended for advanced and competitive skiers.

Different Water Skis for Different Disciplines

The right water skis you can get also depends on your age and preferred riding style. Water skis are divided into slalom skis, shaped skis, combo skis and kids’ skis.

Slalom water skis are sold as a single ski and two bindings. The narrow tail allows skiers to decelerate fast and perform quick turns.

Similar to slalom water skis, shaped skis are much wider granting easier starts and more stable rides, and are suitable for less experienced riders.

Combo skis are sold in pairs and are usually sold with adjustable bindings. They are great for families and beginners looking for easy starts and optimal stability.

Kids’ water skis are shorter to accommodate the small, lightweight skiers. They feature a removable retainer between the skis. This retainer assures that junior skiers don’t get dragged underwater in case of falls and that the skis remain at the correct distance apart.

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