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Trick scooter bars

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In this category you will find one-piece bars for stunt scooters. Because the bar is produced in one-piece it is not adjustable or foldable. The benefit of one-piece design is a stronger, more stable bar, that provides great control.

2 types of trick scooter bars

Scooter bars are available in 2 main types, the Y-bar and the T-bar, and in several variants of these 2 shapes. The Y-bar has the shape of the letter Y and consists of 3 pieces or more, welded together in a Y configuration. The T-bar consists of two pieces welded together in a T configuration. Some T-bars have reinforcements to the crossbar for added durability. Some trick scooter bars have a back sweep, which means that the bar is bended in a back angle, like many handlebars for bikes. Whether you prefer back sweep bars or not is a matter of style and taste.

Standard or oversized scooter bar?

Stunt scooters are available with either steel or aluminum bars. Steel bars are strong, but heavy, whereas aluminum bars are light, but not as strong as the steel bars. Before buying a scooter bar, you have to consider whether you want a standard bar or an oversized bar. The oversized bars come with an outer diameter of 35mm and an inner diameter of either 28mm or 32mm. Remember that an oversized bar needs an oversized clamp. If you buy an oversized bar with 32mm inner diameter, you will need a fork with HIC compression. Oversized bars with the standard internal dimension of 28mm match standard forks. If you want more information about this, you can read the Buying scooter bar guide.

Trick scooter bars are typically lower than other bars and many riders prefer these low bars because they're offering increased control. How wide the bar should be is also a matter of preference, and depends on the usage of the bar.