Ski Helmets

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A wide selection of ski and snowboard helmets

Here you can find SkatePro's selection of ski helmets, so you can have a safe and good time on your ski trip.

More and more people use a ski helmet now and the ski helmets have gone through a big evolution when it comes to design, comfort, and durability. A ski helmet or snowboard helmet protects your head against impacts when you crash from time to time. Ski helmets are specially designed and built for winter sports and often they are designed to keep out the cold weather. In some countries, it is obligatory for kids to wear helmets when skiing or snowboarding. Also, there's really no good excuse to not to wear a helmet on a skiing trip. Many of the ski helmets that you find from our selection can also be used as bike or skate helmets during the summer, due to their removable inner hats and paddings.

The proper fit of ski helmets

The helmet should sit nice and tight on the head when you shake your head and the helmet cannot move around. On the flip side, it shouldn't be so tight that it gets uncomfortable or annoying. If you want to use your new ski helmet or snowboard helmet, it's very important that it's as comfortable as it is safe. The different producents usually have different recommendations for their helmet fit. Be sure to follow these recommendations.