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Good to know

Yes, you need one in the water as well

There are many benefits of using a helmet. It always depends on the sport it is being used for, but they are always a better solution than to not wearing a helmet. No matter if you are wakeboarding, kayaking or water skiing behind a boat, it is always very important to keep your head well protected. For this purpose, we have a lot of different solutions.

When you are to pick the right helmet for the sport you have to do three things:

  • You have to find the right type of helmet for your sport,
  • Then you must measure your head properly.
  • The last thing is to ensure that the helmet has a safety certificate. (All our helmets has a safety certificate).

The Wakeboard Helmet

The Wakeboard Helmet is a pretty standard helmet. The shell is hard and has a liner of softer expanded polystyrene. This provides a good penetration resistance and good energy absorption properties.

The Wakeboard Helmet has some resemblance to a bicycle helmet since it's half-shell and covers the top of the head, the forehead, and the back of the head. It tightens with a chin strap. It usually does not cover the face, neck, or ears.

Beware of the Certificate

This is rather important since not all helmets are certified. All helmets will provide some degree of safety, but helmets that are certified go through rigorous tests that are designed to push the helmets to their absolute limit. If you end up buying a helmet from our store, you can be sure, that is has been through a lot of tests and is certified.

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