Life jackets

A life jacket holds your head up high

Since you ended up in this category you are most likely interested in some extra safety and security for you and/or your loved ones. Safety at sea is important, and wearing a proper life vest can turn out to be a matter of life and death.

Opposite to a buoyancy or an impact vest, the life jacket is designed to keep you floating, even if you are unconscious. So when it comes to the different safety vest, the one thing you need to know is that a life jacket is the safest.

A high-quality life jacket will have two air chambers, that are usually covered in nylon. Some models have only one air chamber, but having two chambers is recommended.

One of the biggest differences between a life jacket and a standard personal flotation device is the collar. Most life vests will have a collar with a supportive effect since it will keep your head straight and above water at all times.

Some might also choose an inflatable life vest

For using an inflatable life vest, you need to be at least 16 years old. We also recommend, that you only use these if you know how to swim, especially if you choose a model, that is not automatically activated when it gets in contact with water.

It is proven, that children whose parents don't wear a life vest were significantly less likely to wear a kids life vest themselves. So the only way to get your child to wear a life vest is to wear one yourself.

Life jackets have to be certified

All products found in this category are ISO12402-4 approved.

The 100N life jackets you’ll find in this category can be used in coastal areas. The vests meet the minimal requirements for life jackets, which will provide the user with a minimum of 10kg of “buoyancy”. The 100N products are suitable for water sports such as kayaking, waterskis and canoeing and they can be used by adults and kids.

The benefit of a 100N life jacket like this is that it is still very light and that it offers great mobility.

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