Shoe size

Use a pair of skateboard insoles to take care of your feet

Ever experienced sore feet or maybe even blisters after a long day of skateboarding or maybe of a long work day, where you have walked many miles? Get rid of these annoying side effects + get great comfort with a pair of quality aftermarket insoles.

No matter what kind of insole you’ll need, you can be sure to find it here. We carry insoles for both people with different foot shapes and with both high arches and flat arches.

Keep your skateboard insoles in top shape

Of course, it goes without saying that insoles will get worn out over time, but we have a few pieces of advice, that’ll keep them fresh for a little longer time.

  • After a long day walking or skating, it’s a good idea to air your insoles out. Your feet get sweaty, so do yourself a favour and remove your insoles once in a while. In that way you allow the moisture trapped between the insole and the shoe to evaporate.
  • Your skateboard insoles might need to be washed once in a while. If you decide to wash them, we advise you to hand wash them with a mild detergent or sports detergent and leave them to dry in the air before you put them back in your shoes.

A general piece of advice is to have a look at your insoles once in a while to check them for deterioration. A rule of thumb is, that if you use your insoles daily, your insoles last for about a year before they need replacement.

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