Snow Scooters

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The Snow Scooter - A Pro scooter with Sledges

Snow scooters can be described as stunt scooters for snowy weather - with sleds attached instead of wheels.

With a snow scooter, you can do stunts on flat snow areas like you would on asphalt with your pro scooter. You can also ride down the piste or go off-piste. You can also take the snow scooter for a downhill-trip at full speed. This can give you a true adrenaline-rush and are not something that is recommended for beginners.

A snow scooter lets you do even more stunts in the snow than you would on skis or a snowboard since the handlebar and construction allow you to do many well-known scooter tricks.

The idea behind the snow scooter comes from professional scooter riders, who wanted to practise stunts on their scooter during the winter season. This is a tendency that we see in almost every action and winter sport these years: Skateboards become snow skateboards. Cross Country skis become roller skis. And Stunt Scooters has now adapted into the Snow Scooter.

A snow scooter is very lightweight

Besides having blades instead of wheels, all pro stunt snow scooters have one thing in common: They are lightweight. If we take the Eretic Snowscoot as an example the materials are chosen very wisely and consist primarily of 6061 T6 aluminium and 4130 heat treated Chrome steel, which is perfect to withstand snow, water and crashes.

This scooter also has a pivotal fork that helps absorb the contours of the mountain. This provides a really smooth ride. Smoothness, which you will not find in the cheaper models on the market.