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Protection Gear for Ski and Snowboard

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Whether you are racing on the piste, skiing backcountry in the offpiste or snowboarding in the park, protection gear will be a good investment. The right protective gear can save you from serious injuries, so think about what you need when you ski down the mountain.

Back Protector for Ski and Snowboard

Back protectors are becoming more and more popular to use. It is no longer used only by extreme skiers and snowboard riders. A back shield can protect you from serious back injuries if you fall hard or get bogged down. Back protectors are available in different variants, but a standard back protector is usually secured to your body with elastic shoulder straps. In addition, back protection vests or back protection jackets are further developed variants, that fits more tightly and comfortably to the body.

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Protection Pants

A pair of protection pants can help you avoid much pain in crashes - especially as a snowboarder, but also as a skier, both as a beginner and an experienced rider. These are also called crash pants and are a pair of thin shorts with protective plates in the exposed areas, such as the hips, both sides of the legs and at the the tailbone.