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What Are Water Shoes Used For?

Water shoes are made for a diversity of purposes. In this category, you will find beach shoes that are great for water sports and many recreational activities on or in the water.


A pair of neoprene boots can be great if you are going out on your SUP in colder temperatures. For SUP, you may also be interested in a pair of water shoes with a rubber sole underneath. The rubber sole will protect you from sharp objects when you are walking into the water with your paddle board. However, you will not need footwear to increase your grip on the deck, since paddleboards are designed to be used with bare feet.


Swim shoes with a rubber sole are great if you want to go swimming on rocky beaches. If you are into open water swimming, you may want to look into a pair of neoprene socks that will help you stay warm. Are you into cold water swimming? Then you may already know that a pair of cold water swimming shoes can be a great advantage.


Surf booties are neoprene boots or wetsuit boots that are designed to keep your feet warm in cold waters. They also play the role of keeping your feet safe from corals, sharp objects, and rocks. They are being used for many different surfing disciplines.

Choosing a Pair of Neoprene Boots

Neoprene boots can be found in two different styles - split toe or round toe.

Choosing the right surf booties is a matter of personal preference. Split toe wetsuit boots have the big toe separated from the rest of your toes. Most surfers consider these kinds of boots to provide better balance and board feel. The round toe neoprene boots feature no divider and are considered to be more comfortable to wear.

How Should Surf Booties Fit?

Wetsuit boots should fit snug over your ankles and feet. If they are too tight, they might cut off circulation and if they are too large, they can get full of water, resulting in cold feet and poor balance.

Surf booties usually come in 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm thicknesses. Thicker boots are warmer and let you ride the waves even during the coldest days, but they are also a little less sensitive, which might decrease the board feeling a bit.

Remember to measure your feet and check the size chart to get a pair of water shoes that fits you perfectly. Your new wetsuit boots might feel a little too tight at first, but you can expect them to stretch and fit better after a few uses.

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