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Here you can find our selection of high quality skateboard trucks.

Trucks are the T-shaped metal parts lying on the underside of your skateboard, where they keep your wheels and bearings together and attached to your deck. Without skateboard trucks there simply is no skateboard. Trucks are made out of a combination of other smaller parts, namely; bushings, kingpins, axles and hangers. The higher quality these parts have, the better your skateboard performs.

Generally you get a set of two trucks when buying skateboard trucks, but always make sure to read the product description to see if the price is for one truck or a set of two.

In this category you can also find truck sets, i.e. a collection of skateboard trucks, wheels, spacer and shockpads etc. In other words, everything you need for a skateboard except the deck itself.

Want to learn more about skate trucks? If so, we recommend you read our Skateboard Trucks Guide

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