BMX Frames & Parts

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Understanding the Frame of Your BMX

The BMX frame is at the heart of your entire setup. By getting a new frame, you can alter the entire feel of your BMX.

BMX frame geometry refers to the various different dimensions that you have to consider when getting a new frame. This includes the top tube length, head tube angle, the seat tube angle and height and chainstay length. For each of these, there are various different aspects to consider, but all can be summarized by two key points: firstly, make sure that whatever frame you buy it’s compatible with your existing parts, and secondly, choose a frame that will give you an enjoyable riding experience.

Other BMX Frame Parts Explained

In this category, you’ll also find our bottom brackets and headsets. The bottom bracket is what connects the cranks to the frame. So, what you need to remember is that this needs to be compatible with your frame so that everything fits together smoothly. For example, a MID bottom bracket will only fit on a frame built to host this specific part.

The headset is a system of bearings found at the front of the frame, and it connects the frame to the fork. There are a few different headset sizes, and you need to make sure that this will fit the fork steerer tube.

Because the frame is so central to the whole BMX, if you decide to change it, then you will have to reassemble the whole BMX from scratch. If you need help with doing this, then watch our quick video on How to Build a BMX Bike.

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