Wood cruiser board

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Wooden cruiser boards: The true experience

The general purpose of wooden cruiser boards (aka mini-cruiser skateboards) is convenience and cruising. Wooden cruiser boards are much like longboards in regards to the cruising experience but often come with shorter decks and smaller wheels. Wooden cruiser boards are very agile and fast reacting which makes them ideal for cruising through the city on your way to work or school.

Though wooden cruiser skateboards are great for cruising on flat ground, their size makes them less ideal for longboard disciplines such as downhill and freeriding.

Some of the long wooden cruiser boards that you’ll find in this category such as board from Your Own Wave and Sector 9 can be used to some extent for downhill and freeride.

Surf the streets

Want to take the vibes of surfing out on the sea to the streets, then you might want to give the innovative truck system from Your Own Wave a try.

Due to the unique truck system, there’s almost no resistance on the front truck, which let you do radical carving turns that are much alike the turns you do out at sea on a surfboard.

Furthermore, the system creates an extra pivot point for the truck. This enables the wooden cruiser board to do super sharp pumping turns - It’s all about bringing surfing to the streets.

In this category, you will find cruiser skateboards with wooden decks that are both lightweight and manoeuvrable. If you are more interested in cruiser boards made of plastic, we suggest you visit our many varieties of penny boards/plastic cruiser boards.