Cruiser and Penny Board Parts

Perfect Your Setup With Cruiser and Penny Board Parts

In this category, you’ll find all the various products that can be used to adjust and upgrade your penny or cruiser board. Whether you like riding on a cruiser or a penny, it’s always useful to have some spare parts in case of any urgent repairs. Although it is easy to forget about them, small bits of hardware like nuts and bolts, bushings and pivot cups are essential in keeping your board in top shape.

If you’re looking to give your cruiser a new look, or you feel that your current grip is wearing down, then why not treat yourself to some new cruiser board grip tape. Moreover, if you think that you could be getting a better roll with your wheels and you’ve already tried cleaning your Cruiser Bearings then maybe it is time for a new set.

Can I Turn My Skateboard Into a Cruiser?

Yes! Although cruiser decks are shaped differently from skateboard decks, it is possible to adapt one into a cruiser board. One way to do this without buying new parts is to place your trucks further apart so that they are at the far edges of the board.

Another important aspect of recreating that cruiser feeling is to use bigger and softer wheels that are made for smooth rides out on the streets. If you think that yours could do with an upgrade, then head over to our Skateboard Cruiser Wheels page. Of course, if you are using bigger wheels then it is a good idea to use some Cruiser Riser Pads to avoid any wheel bite.

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