Penny board accessories & parts

Penny board accessories & cruiser boards accessories

In this category, you’ll find all the spare parts you need to maintain your Penny board, cruiser board or cruiser skateboard. Furthermore, you’ll find all sorts of Penny board accessories and cruiser boards accessories. One of the many products you’ll find is various kinds of stickers, which you can use personalise your Penny board and cruiser skateboard. Are you looking to get a better grip on you Penny board? Then you’re in luck because we also have grip tape, in all sorts of colours - designed especially for Penny boards.

Bushings: A small but important part

They might be small, but the bushings are responsible for providing you with comfort and control when you’re out cruising on your Penny board or cruiser board. Choose a pair of bushings that fits your style of riding, and you’ll instantly feel an improvement when you ride. On this site, you’ll find Bushings various colours from brands such as Penny, Enuff, Venom, Riptide, Independent, and Reflex.

Some of our bushings come with washers, and some don’t. If you need washers for your Penny board or cruiser board, you’ll also find them here.

Keep your bearings alive

Another crucial part that might seem unimportant to some people are spacers - but actually, they are vital for keeping the bearings in place inside the wheel. A quality spacer gives you a smooth ride and prolongs the life of your bearings. In this section, you’ll find quality spacers from Enuff that fits on your Penny board and cruiser board.