BMX Headsets

Bearing type
Crown race

It’s just bearings - but a freestyle BMX headset is much more

To make the bar able to spin a headset is needed. The main part of the headset is the bearings. Most headsets for freestyle BMX comes with either headset spacers or a few top caps in different sizes, to ensure that the rider can get the bar in the right height.

Sealed headsets vs closed headsets - what to choose?
There are a lot of different headsets to choose from. The one big question is whether you want a sealed headset or a closed headset. Headsets with sealed bearings cannot be opened for maintenance, while headsets with closed bearings are closed on both sides, but the bearing can be maintained.

The majority of our headsets are sealed, but this does not mean that a closed headset can't be as good. An example of this, is the highly acclaimed integrated headset from American Tilt, which our customers love - just check out the reviews, if you want to see for yourself.

Give the BMX headset a good grease

When replacing the headsets, we recommend that you give your new parts a good amount of grease. If you do that, the parts will be easier to replace in the future. The grease is even more important, If you own a closed headset, where you want to be able to easily open the headset for cleaning or replacing the bearings.