Impact Shorts and Padded Pants


What Are Impact Shorts?

Impact shorts, also known as padded shorts and crash trousers are designed to protect thighs, hips and buttocks from impacts in the event of a fall. This specific piece of equipment can save you from bruising your body parts during your skating session. Padded shorts are comfortable, easy to wear and fit perfectly under your jeans.

Are Impact Shorts Worth It?

Wearing crash trousers is always a good idea to save your hips and tailbone from the hard ground. Even though padded shorts are always recommended for beginners practising balance on skates, they are extremely popular among professionals. Unwanted falls may always occur, and even the most experienced skaters protect their body parts when taking part in high-intensity activities.

Choosing the Right Impact Shorts

The first thing to consider when buying crash trousers is the size. Fit is key. Loose and they will move around and not take the impact forces out. Too tight, they will restrict movement and you could stretch out the foam, reducing its elastic nature and ability to absorb impacts. One brand is different from another, so remember to look at the product’s size chart. The protective material in crash trousers can sometimes be damaged in the wash, so it is worth looking for a fabric that allows ventilation and absorbs moisture well.

Speaking of material, you can either opt for soft padding or hard plastic padding. Hard pads offer maximum protection from impacts but do not bend when you move. Soft pads are more flexible at the cost of high-shock absorption, but will still protect you against bruises.

If you are on the lookout for shorts specific to winter sports, check out our Impact Shorts for Snowboarding, Skiing or Ice Skating.

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