Wetsuit Hoods & Surf Hoods


How Thick Should A Surf Hood Be?

The thickness of a hood is measured in millimetres and the thicker the hood, the warmer it will be. The range is roughly between 1 - 6 mm, with the thickest wetsuit hoods being reserved for the coldest temperatures. Hoods with 2 or 3 mm of neoprene are a common choice for many water sports enthusiasts that are looking for an extra bit of warmth.

Tucking The Neoprene Hood or Not?

Should the surf hood be tucked in the wetsuit, or should it go on the outside? This is one of the big questions, and it's almost a matter of religion to some people. If you choose to tuck the neoprene hood in, you will definitely have better luck in staying warm, but this will also result in a lot more water getting inside your wetsuit than otherwise. Feel free to experiment either way and find out what you prefer.

Neoprene beanies are the alternative option to a hood, where you don’t need to think about whether to tuck or not. They don’t cover as much skin but are easily put on and off. For other items that you might want to have for your watersports trips, check out Wetsuit Accessories.

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