Roller skate accessories

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Get an upgrade: The best side by side accessories

A passionate roller skater will know, that a quad or side by side skate is so much more than this. There are thousands upon thousands different customizations of your roller skates. While some custom modifications are only of visual value, some side by side accessories will optimise both your speed and skating experience.

On this page you will find all kinds of spare parts and accessories for your roller skates; tools, pads and mounting parts, laces in different colours and patterns, liners and much much more. At the moment one of our most popular products is the stylish rainbow-coloured laces for Rio Skates that are the perfect accessory for personalising your skates.

You will also find the popular Supreme Turbo roller skate boots to which you yourself can pick the wheels accordingly to your taste. If your roller skates have any broken parts, you will most likely be able to find the given part here.

If you feel that your skates are a bit too stiff when you turn you can easily soften the feel a bit by choosing a set of softer bushings, which you will also find in this category for roller skate accessories. If you have the opposite problem (that your skates are too soft) you can also replace the bushings with some stiffer once. This is a very cheap switch, but you will be amazed at how big a difference a bushings replacement will give your skating experience.

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