Balance Bikes

Riding a balance bike is easy to learn

If your child can walk, it can use a balance bike. Your child can get started quickly and you will see them having success and fun all the way.

A balance bike is the perfect approach on how to learn the first steps of riding a bicycle with pedals. A balance bike allows your child to slowly find the balance point without having a higher risk of falling. First step is having the bike between the legs walking with it. Next step is sitting down and kicking with the legs to move forward. Within no time the child will be lifting the feet from the ground rolling longer and longer.

We recommend a helmet as a minimum of protection gear, despite the low risk of falling. The elbows are exposed for impacts, therefore elbow pads can be recommended in the start.

In this category, you can find a good selection of great and cheap balance bikes for children. All our Balance bikes are both for boys and girls.

Toddler bike vs Training wheels

The Balance bike are also known as a toddler bike and a push bike.

On a toddler bike the child are steering by leaning from side to side as they will on a pedal bike. This way of steering, helps develop the child’s balance. The training wheels have a tendency of hitting the toddler’s feet when they need to set off.

Having the feet on the ground, is a less intimidating experience for the toddler, than having the feet lifted up resting on the pedals. The feet are free and ready to save a fall.

Lower weight so the kids can easily lift the bike over obstacles. No need for mom to come and help getting the bike up on the sidewalk. Did the bike get stuck? Just stand back and enjoy the success of your child freeing themselves and their bike, no frustrated child, but the look of success and achievement.

From push bike to regular pedal bike

Since a balance bike is basically a regular bike without pedals, the upgrade to a regular bike seems like a smaller step than from training wheels.

When your child grows too big for the push bike and need to get a regular bike with pedals. A tip could be to remove the pedals, fix the pedal arms to the frame with strips. This way the child can get used to the larger bike before having to think about the pedals. When the balance on the big bike is there, implementing pedals is easy.

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