Skate Bags & Backpacks


Skate Bags and Backpacks: The Best Way to Carry your Skates

Whether you are a professional aiming for an efficient way to carry your skates to the next training session or a commuter moving through the city in need of storage for your equipment, a skate backpack or a skate bag is what you are looking for.

These kinds of bags and backpacks are specifically designed to carry your gear safely and comfortably. They are made with tear-resistant materials able to withstand any kind of damage that the sharp edges of your skates may cause, and often feature extra pockets to carry protective equipment.

Roller skate bags / Inline skate bags

Bags for roller skates and inline skates are triangular-shaped bags that you can use to carry your skates for medium to long-distance travel. They come in different sizes to fit all types of skates and are ventilated to keep your gear dry.

Roller skate backpacks / Inline skate backpacks

Backpacks for roller skates and inline skates are quite similar to normal backpacks. They can be also found in different shapes and sizes and feature multiple pockets to carry your belongings on the move. Differently from regular backpacks, many roller skate backpacks and inline skate backpacks are produced with exterior features, like straps, on which you can hang your skates.

Should I Use a Skate Bag or a Skate Backpack?

Considering whether you should get a skate bag or a skate backpack highly depends on your needs.

A skate bag is often recommended to those who travel by car or public transport, looking for a way to hold or safely store their skates until they have reached their destination. A bag will be the primary choice for professional and fitness skaters moving from their homes or workplaces to their preferred skate rink or skate park.

On the other hand, a skate backpack is an ideal choice for those commuters willing to carry their skates together with their laptops or notebooks comfortably on their shoulders. Those who also move in the city by bike prefer carrying their quad or inline skates using a skate backpack.

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