Diabolo & Yoyo

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A diabolo is a fun juggle toy for all ages. It is a simple toy most often made of rubber with a metal core, including a nylon string and two wooden sticks. With a diabolo you can make various tricks, both alone and together with your friends. The diabolo toy originates from the Chinese yoyo, but are designed in other materials and sizes.

How do I use my Diabolo?

The most basic skill with the diabolo toy is to spin it on the string. After that, you can practice the move of throwing the diabolo up in the air and catch it again on the string. It is possible to perform many tricks with a diabolo with the string, the sticks and by body movements. Besides that, multiple diabolo's can spin on one string at the same time.


A yoyo is a simple and fun toy, which has been popular through generations. It is designed with two round plates with a long string between.

How do I use my Yoyo?

You simply attach the end of the string to your middle finger and throw the yoyo in one smooth motion, which will make the yoyo spin. If you move to the next level of making tricks, they are most often performed by making a tug with your hand, followed by the movement of the trick. Tricks can both be made with the string and the loop.