Kitesurf bars

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Get in the right direction with a kitesurf bar

The kite bar you can call the steering wheel when you’re out kitesurfing; it's the control point between you and your kite.

The kite control bar as it’s also called, allows you to control your acceleration, steer in which direction you’re going and of course makes you jump. Most kitesurf bars features a safety mechanism, which brings the kite down in a matter of seconds. This quick release safety system is fast and easy to handle.

Most kite bars you’ll find in the category are made out of aluminium and carbon and have soft rubber grips, which not only makes sure that you don’t hurt your hands but also gives you a proper grip when you’re handling your kitesurf bar.

The different kinds of kitesurf bars

There are two types of kite control bars:

  • 4-Line Kite Bars is a simple control system that is less likely to tangle. The safety leash is connected to one of the front power lines.
  • 5-Line Kite Bars: an advanced control system that can easily depower a kite. The dedicated safety leash line provides additional safety and more easy relaunch of the kite on the water.

All kite control bars have a trim system. The trim system, normally placed above the bar, allows you to dial in the kite in order to fit the wind condition. Often the power of the wind will vary when your are out on the water. The trim-system allows you easily and on the water to adjust to the proper pull from the kite so you are not overpowered nor underpowered.

We carry a wide range of different kite bars from some of the strongest kitesurfing brands such as Cabrinha and North. No matter what brand you choose, you can be sure that it’s top quality.

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