Freeskate Maintenance

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Freeskate Maintenance to Keep Your Skates as Good as New

As you weave in and out of busy streets on your freeskates, it’s important that they’re functioning to the best of their ability. To make sure of this, every now and again it will be time to carry out a bit of maintenance for your freeskates.

In this category, you’ll see a variety of different products that will help maintain your freeskates. This includes bearing cleaners and lubricants, as well as disinfectants to keep your skates smelling fresh.

Freeskate Tools to Perfect Your Skates

Whether you need to replace some new parts or just want to make sure that your setup is tight and secure, tools for freeskates are essential for any skater who enjoys the thrill of weaving through busy urban environments.

The main product you will see in this category is the multiskate tool. This handy piece of gear is worth bringing with you wherever you skate in case you need to do a bit of urgent maintenance. Although they vary a bit depending on the model, they contain useful hardware like bearing extractors, screwdrivers and hex tools.

However, if you have played around with some of your parts and they are still not performing as you would like, head over to our Freeskate Parts category where you can equip yourself with a whole host of parts to fix up your freeskates.

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